Our mother was born in Naples and have been the greatest influence on the food we eat and cook.”

“Our father was a Sicilian farmer who taught us that a life celebrated with passion was a life enjoyed. Growing up we had a constant source of fresh produce from his backyard garden.”

In 2004, we left our corporate careers behind us to open our first Bertoni store in Balmain.  We opened another 7 stores after that, all of which have since been passed onto other coffee-loving entrepreneurs.  Our flagship Balmain store remains part of our family and you will find us working there most days. When we are not behind the counter, we are often sharing our experience and consulting to other businesses and industry professionals.

We are SYDNEY’S BEST CAFÉ according to the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide; and Delicious Magazine voted us the same accolade 3 years in a row.  Our recipes and store have been featured many times in these publications as well as Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Dining, The Daily Telegraph and all other leading food media in Australia.

Our first cookbook,  I Only Eat Bertoni is a Top-10 NSW best seller.  It features a collection of our most popular dishes as well as some old family recipes that have been used for generations.  It’s more than just a cookbook – I Only Eat Bertoni also shares some real stories about our life growing up in Sydney.  We are proud to have this book as a legacy to our father who was the backbone of our family for 84 years.

Our food is prepared fresh every day by our talented chefs (and occasionally still Mamma Maria).  We have our staple menu of classic italian dishes amidst a rotation of other current and in-season creations.

Our coffee has been sourced directly from the growers and is roasted and exclusively
blended for a rich, robust and full flavour. We make your coffee the way you like to drink it.

We sell a range of our own pantry staples such as Olio Verde and our Sugo del Giardino, made with a recipe that’s been in our family for generations.